Web site: www.zenoss.com/

Zenoss offers easy to use and affordable software to monitor the performance of the information technology infrastructure of small and medium sized businesses (up to $500M annual revenue). Zenoss’ application is designed to provide a complete set of functionality needed to monitor an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, including network devices, servers, applications and environmental controls in a single, integrated package.  Companies targeted for Zenoss’ products particularly benefit because monitoring and repairing IT infrastructure is a major problem for businesses as their reliance on technology grows and they previously have been unable to afford currently available comparable products.  The founding team of Zenoss has significant experience in IT operations and system management software, obtained through prior activities with USinternetworking, Digex and Accenture, among others.

An example of the application of Zenoss’ products and services would be for an IT manager of a medium-sized business, for example a hospital, who uses Zenoss’ technology to monitor and maintain a complex and critical technology server and computer infrastructure.  The manager would use Zenoss’ technology to automatically monitor this infrastructure to ensure continued availability of his company’s network and to identify threats to system performance, for example, a degrading server, before they render a system useless, or require lengthy shut down for system maintenance and repair.

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