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US e-Chromic is a cleantech company that is developing commercial smart window products based upon innovative electrochromic thin film technology licensed from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL).  The company was the first licensee under the US Department of Energy’s “America Next Top Energy Innovator” challenge, and is pursuing additional development of the licensed technology in partnership with NREL.  The electrochromic technology used by US e-Chromic applies an electric field to change the tint of a window, allowing users to wirelessly control transparency based on the time of day, temperature or exposure to sunlight.  Today, the current supply of electrochromic windows turn darker in color when activated, which blocks light, but absorbs heat energy.  In contrast, the technology being developed by the company reflects sunlight, virtually eliminating heat absorption, thereby keeping buildings cooler.  The company is developing commercial applications of this technology, including retrofitting methodologies, potentially reducing building cooling costs by 25% to 30%.

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