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Hear what CEO Bill Phelan of Bright Hub  has to say about Amplifier Ventures:

[audio:|titles=Hear what CEO Bill Phelan has to say about Amplifier Ventures]

Bright Hub operates an “expert” content web business, combined with proprietary tools to enable inexpensive creation and aggregation of expert content and additional software to allow vendors to reach customers. Bright Hub’s goal is simple: identify expert writers, teach them to create great content and get paid.

With an expert writer network and an active community of life-long enthusiasts Bright Hub provides a rapidly growing library of useful and actionable content. The team of writers and managing editors utilize deep domain expertise to focus on creating valuable information for both novice and advanced consumers. With a content inventory of thousands of science and technology articles, software and hardware reviews, buyer’s guides, blog entries and forum discussions, Bright Hub is able to provide readers with a dependable resource to make informative decisions.

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