What sectors will Amplifier invest in?
We will evaluate investments that satisfy our investment criteria in a wide range of technology sectors, provided that we believe that we have the technical expertise to evaluate the opportunity. In particular, we are currently interested in businesses in cybersecurity, Big Data, Man/machine interface and energy conservation.

How do I submit my business plan?
Without question the best way to submit a business plan to us or any other venture capital fund is through referral from one of our allies.

Do you review unsolicited plans?
We prefer to receive business plans that are referred to us by a service provider or other reference known to us. As a general matter, plans forwarded to a venture fund without external validation are less likely to be reviewed. Venture capital funds get many business plans each week, so anything you can do to provide references or a warm introduction will help you and us.

What type of document would you like to see?
We would be happy to review completed business plans as well as executive summaries. If we ask to meet with you, you should prepare a 15 to 30 minute slide presentation with the salient points of your business plan. If you look at the Entrepreneur Resources section of our site you will also find some guidelines for a first meeting with us.

What should be in my business plan?
There are many books and articles that are available to entrepreneurs that can provide guidance as to the content of a business plan. The things that we particularly look for are:

  • A cogent and concise description of the business opportunity.
  • Description of the key technology. Is it unique and protectable?
  • Discussion of the market opportunity.
    • What is the market or market addressed by the proposed business opportunity.
    • How large is the market.
    • How is the market currently being served.
  • The strategy for attacking the opportunity.
    • Customer acquisition strategy.
    • Customer “pain” and value of offered solution.
  • Proposed management team.
    • Experience and completeness of the team.
  • The barriers to wide spread market adoption.
    • Competing technologies and solutions.
    • Industry incumbents limiting competition.
  • Projected financial statements.
    • Financing requirements and use of proceeds.
    • Assumptions underlying the projections.
  • Evidence of consideration and care.
    • The business plan is the entrepreneur’s means for demonstrating care and consideration of the business and its prospects. We prefer to see business plans prepared by the entrepreneurs that are honest evaluations of the business, free of typos and jargon, rather than flashy, graphics heavy presentations prepared by consultants.

What stage does Amplifier Ventures invest?
Our business is to help entrepreneurs start and accelerate their companies. We invest in the seed stage, early stage and selective expansion stage.

What types of investment does Amplifier make?
Generally we make equity investments.

What is the average size of participation in each of your companies?
We will generally invest $50,000 to $1,000,000 in our portfolio companies over the life of the company.

If Amplifier  Ventures is interested what happens?
After we review your business plan or executive summary, if we are interested in considering an investment we will contact you at the contact details provided to us. At an initial meeting you will be asked to explain your business opportunity to us, and we will preliminarily assess your business and prospects. If we determine to progress from there, we will engage in an extensive investigation of you, your business and its prospects before we determine to invest.

How long will it take to obtain an investment from Amplifier Ventures?
Although there are exceptions to the rule, because an investment decision requires a large amount of detailed investigation, and the construction of an agreed upon plan of execution between us and the entrepreneur, our investment will take 2 to 6 months to complete.

Will Amplifier sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?
As is the case of venture funds generally, we will not sign NDAs. In light of the large volume of business opportunities we evaluate, it is impracticable for us to have private agreements with each submitter of a business plan. Of course, the submitter of information to should expect that we will keep information provided to us as confidential and only use it for the purposes of evaluating the business opportunity.

What level of involvement will Amplifier have in my company?
As a hands on investor, Amplifier Ventures will seek to be significantly involved in the formation and execution of your business strategy. We will prefer our portfolio companies to have a well-functioning corporate board with at least one member of the Board of Directors designed by us and customary protective rights for our investment. Our oversight role will include working with management to identify additional members of management, market development, commercialization strategy and other areas of execution. We will not become the day-to-day managers of the business, but we will expect to be regularly consulted between meetings of the Board.

What if I have more questions?
If your questions cannot be answered by our website and you have additional questions about Amplifier Ventures, please let us know by emailing us at info@amplifierventures.com

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