Some Thoughts on Economic Development for Virginia and the GWR

Economic development is just plain hard work.  It doesn’t come from adopting the flavor of the day or the latest idea.  It comes when a region focuses its efforts on creating business and structural advantages to (i) produce high value- added products that are unique and (ii) are not replicable elsewhere.  Economic development requires establishing a long term infrastructure that creates a community and livelihoods for its citizens. It takes time to do properly.  I am reminded of this … [Read more...]

Why Amplifier Ventures Launched Tandem NSI

When I think about our national political climate these days, I am like many Americans saddened by the hyper-partisan nature of things. For most of us, the constant wrangling about budgets, healthcare and "gotcha" politics is both exhausting and also less and less relevant to our daily lives.  You can feel the growing alienation, and see how it reflects in the polls.  In trying to come up with a way to explain it all, and being an optimistic person by nature, I have wanted to look past our … [Read more...]

Crowd Equity Will Not Live Up To The Hype

The JOBS Act reminds me of the old joke about the elephant and the blind men.  An elephant looks very different depending upon which part you’re touching.  There’s lots of hype around the concept of crowd equity for sure – almost breathless at times. This week’s announcement that the SEC is moving forward with rules to effect the intent of the Act – to allow unaccredited investors (i.e.., not wealthy people) to invest in startups through on line exchanges – was no exception.  Make … [Read more...]

You Don’t Have to Go to the Valley!

This morning there is a blog post circulating which states that to build a start up anywhere other than Silicon Valley is foolish.  The post, which is presented in a highly respected outlet, states that by looking at financing patters in the venture capital industry a clear conclusion is reached.  To grow a startup you must locate where the money is, and that is Silicon Valley. While this appears to be very sound logic, it is actually based upon an incorrect view of causality.  … [Read more...]

The Future Is Messy and We Aren’t Even Close to Ready

As I have read the various articles and blogs about Google Glass over the last few weeks, it has led me to marvel at how completely people are missing the point.  Whether it’s arguing that Google Glass won’t be attractive to consumers, or it’s Congress worrying about privacy, it just strikes me as a side show.  Kind of like arguing while Nero played the violin about his choice of bow resin, song choice or quality of the performance. It’s not just in connection with Google Glass.  … [Read more...]