Investment Strategy

Amplifier Ventures’ focus is in helping entrepreneurs establish and accelerate lasting business. We look for entrepreneurs and businesses that have the potential to be market leaders but need sophisticated and directed assistance to achieve their potential. We are often the first institutional investor in our companies. We make investments in the seed stage, early stage and selectively in expansion stage financings. In general we make seed our investments through the Amplifier Business Accelerator Program, and work with the founding team to grow a new company. Our investment per company may range from $50,000 to $1,000,000. We have a strong bias towards working with experienced entrepreneurs, because they generally derive more value from our customer oriented approach to venture capital.

We will look at a wide range of business opportunities, provided that our investment team and our strategic affiliates have necessary expertise to properly evaluate and execute the opportunity. In particular, we are currently interested in cybersecurity, Big Data, Man/machine interface and clean energy technologies.

We will not finance technology development in the absence of clear opportunities for near-term value creation. The ability to create durable and unique customer relationships is essential, and an early understanding of attractiveness to strategic incumbents and subsequent financing sources is required. Because our model depends upon constant support and interaction with our portfolio companies, we will favor investments primarily in the DC Region.

We are generally the first institutional investor in our companies. Our focus is to help our companies achieve significant growth through capital efficiency and minimize entrepreneur dilution. We have meaningful relationships with larger venture capital funds around the US, and have a proven track record of creating syndicates for our companies with these groups. We do not participate in seed financing rounds we have not structured and led, although we will participate in subsequent financings structured by professionally managed venture capital funds.

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