Amplifier Ventures primary investment focus is emerging technology businesses located in the “DC Region,” a geographic region stretching from Maryland through Washington DC, and into Virginia. Amplifier Ventures’ investment strategy is to capitalize on federal spending on technology research and development and consumption and invest in a balanced portfolio of entrepreneurial technology companies positioned to benefit from proximity to the federal government.

Operating since 2005, Amplifier Ventures focuses on working with experienced entrepreneurs looking for an investment partner that brings a strong value add commitment along with capital. Amplifier Ventures invests in seed, early stage and selective expansion stage financings where it can make a meaningful difference to a business and its entrepreneur’s mission. It has a strong bias in favor of intellectual property-driven businesses, particularly in the areas of cybersecurity, Big Data, Man/machine interface and energy conservation.

Amplifier Ventures’ focus is on starting new technology businesses and helping them grow. Through our own activities and the activities of our Key Partners, we are leading an effort to create a vibrant technology company creation ecosystem that integrates the Federal government’s role in technology creation and consumption with a diverse and talented entrepreneurial community.

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