Should Entrepreneurs Be Required to Work Hard?

Over the last few days I’ve seen a number of blog posts around the concept of how hard entrepreneurs should work and how happy they should be doing it. Mike Arrington, never one to avoid a fight, suggested that entrepreneurs must be willing to work incredibly hard to succeed. That resulted in at least one heated blog fight (you gotta love blog fights) suggesting that Arrington was a capitalist tool and VC apologist. You know, any time folks argue about Marx and venture capital it’s a … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurship and Understanding the Value Chain

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to meet with a number of entrepreneurs and hear their funding pitches in quick succession.  Each business idea was different, and all the entrepreneurs were enthusiastic.  But, each of the businesses suffered from a common problem – they did not provide a clear and compelling opportunity to create a large and lasting business.  As I reflected on the seven pitches I heard that day, I thought about this further and realized that each entrepreneur … [Read more...]

Starting a Company is Not Following a Recipe in a Cookbook

Earlier this week I had a chance to talk to a startup entrepreneur who had an interesting problem.  He felt that he had gotten so much advice about the process of starting a company and growing it that he was having a hard time parsing through it.  He was suffering as much as anything from having too much information, and was looking for me to help him filter it. As I thought about the irony of being asked to provide advice on which advice to take, something else more interesting hit me: he … [Read more...]

If The Euro Crisis is Greek to You, Here’s an Explanation

This week the world stock markets, and expectations of growth of the US economy, fluctuated wildly because the Greek government threatened to have a referendum on whether Greece should set off on a path of recession, deflation and lengthy domestic strife.  The mere threat of elections, in a democratic nation, caused markets to lose 5% or more of their value.  And, then, when the threat passed, the markets went up.  How, you might wonder, have we gotten to a world where  investors’ … [Read more...]

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November is FounderCorps’ Month

FounderCorps is involved in a number of activities over the next few weeks that I thought were worth mentioning.  Please come out and see us at these events, and support our partners.  And, if you have other ideas for how we can continue to help our entrepreneur ecosystem comment on this blog or visit the FounderCorps site. Social Entrepreneurship Conference On November 10th, the George Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship is hosting a conference on Social Entrepreneurship in an Age … [Read more...]